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NIR Humidity meters
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The OMM-3000 NIR Online Moisture Meter is a new state of the art microprocessor controlled moisture analyzer with control and calibration using a standard Personal Computer.

The unit uses a dual pbS filtering technique to compensate long term light drift. The double filtering technique has excellent accuracy for a wide range of moisture levels including shiny samples.

The communication output from the OMM-3000 is via RS-485, it is possible to connect up to 32 units which can be controlled by a single PC. The connection to a PC is via RS-232. The output from the OMM-3000 is via RS-485. An RS-485/232 converter is used to connect multiple unit sensors to the PC.

The unit is fixed by four screws above the sample to keep the distance constant between the sample and the unit. The OMM-3000 unit is suitable for measuring moisture of moving samples because of a reflectance non-contact method.

The optimum sample speed is less than 2-3 meter/sec, and for improved accuracy, the surface of the sample should be as flat as possible.

After installing and calibrating the OMM3000 sensor, the PC can be removed from the system and instead of a PC, an LED display can be used to monitor the value of moisture via the display(option) which is connected to an analog output(4-20mA).


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