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The control software includes the following functions:

Moisture Range

Time Constant(data averaging)

Alarm range

Moisture level

Absorbance level

Zero Calibration

Calibration curve preparation (with Automatic linear or non-linear calculations)

Hold and Preset(Standby mode)

New OMM Unit(sensor) registration

Adjustment of analog current output.


Range 0.1~40%, 40~90%

Time Constant 1~99 second (Moving average time)

Measuring Time Less than 200mS

Target Area 50mm square (at 400mm height)

Measurable Sample Types:

Instant coffee, Tobacco, Flour, Coke, Clay, Paper, Woodboard, etc.,

The accuracy increases with smaller and more uniform particle.

Output for control and display

4~20mA,Alarm contact (high & low)

For PC interface: RS485 with RS232 converter.

Environment control Dust eliminator, Air-purge hood, with water cooling System (when environmental temp is over 40C)


Lamp Life time 30,000 Hours

Motor Life time 20,000 Hours

Electric Power AC100~240V automatic setting, 70VA


The accuracy depends on the condition of the sample. These conditions include conveyer speed, height of sample, heat and humidity. Roughly, the accuracy could be 0.1% to 0.5% between 0% to 10% and 0.1% to 1% between 10% to 30%.

The repeatability is within 0.005 at Zero plate insertion. Generally, the calibration equation is shown Y=a+bX (Y is moisture %, X is absorbance). When the b is less than 50 (typical value of many samples), the repeatability of moisture is less 0.25%. The calibration of the system with known standards is critical to obtaining accurate results.

Up to 10 calibration curves can be stored in memory.



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Last modified: April 26, 2000