Animal Food Plants

Feed Mills Automation

Complete electrical installation and automation of Animal Feed plants. This includes the engineering and building of control panels, PLC and SCADA software. At the same time, implementation of MES applications, including our e-Batch Server. Our system controls the whole Factory, ­from the import of raw materials through to the shipping of the finished products, with full traceability in all production stages.

System modules:

Raw material receiving with Identification, weighing and Quality control, labelling, Automatic functions for Silo loading operations. Receiving Control System accepts orders from a purchase order system, locally entered purchases or entry of orders “on the fly” by the plant operators.
Automatic transfer to silo or Bulk destinations, Stock control with Traceabilty.
Dosing in multiple scales and Products, hand addition ingredients recording, batch ID identification for all scales and components of every consistent batch.
Process control of Critical parameters and additions, opimization.
Supervision of bagging lines and connection to labelling systems. Stock Inventory and shippings management with traceability.

Our Competence: