Chemical Industry

Dedoussis Engineering is a registered System Integrator of AVEVA , providing solutions for the Chemical Industry, in Process Control of complex productions, Batch and continuous dosing, Reactor temperature Control, Polymers production and more with In Batch.

Flexible Batch Management

Batch Management software effectively manages flexible batch operations found in the process industries, including life sciences, fine chemicals, and food and beverage/CPG. Adhering to the ISA-88 standards for batch control, it provides guidance and oversight to both recipe management and batch execution. Batch Management software coordinates everything with the plant control systems, interfaces with the operators, and directs batch activity, material flow, and production data to a historical database for a full electronic batch record (EBR).

Software packages from Minebea-Intec for both Automatic and manual dosing under the commercial names of ProBatch+, ProrecipeXT depending on the individuality of your process will cover your most strict demands.